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Spray Bottle 500ml


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Spray Bottle 500ml, convenient and safe for young children. Made from durable materials and have a user-friendly design. Perfect for use with Washable Watercolours and Tintex Craft Colours.

Introducing our Spray Bottle 500ml, a versatile essential for both creative endeavors and practical applications alike.

These empty spray bottles are designed with convenience and safety in mind, enabling their use for imaginative play and artistic expression. They’re a staple essential in every kindergarten.

These spray bottles feature durable materials and a user-friendly design. This makes them perfectly suited for children to use with Washable Watercolours and Tintex Craft Colours. They enable children to explore a rainbow of hues and easily unleash their creativity onto paper or other surfaces.

Specially curated for little hands, these spray bottles feature an ergonomic design that makes them easy and comfortable to hold. Their simple construction ensures there are no moving parts to pinch tiny fingers. Loved by educators and cherished by children, they’ve become a bestseller in kindergarten classrooms everywhere.

Beyond their artistic applications, spray bottles offer a world of sensory exploration and developmental benefits. As children engage in the repetitive squeezing motion, they not only delight in the splashes of colour they create but also strengthen and refine their fine motor skills, laying a foundation for future dexterity and coordination.

In the sunny seasons of spring and summer, these spray bottles become invaluable tools for outdoor play, providing endless amusement as children spray and splash to their heart’s content.

What do you use Spray Bottles for with Young Children :

  • Watering plants
  • Creating sidewalk a
  • Cooling off on a hot day

These bottles add an element of fun and excitement to any outdoor adventure.

Embrace the magic of creativity and play with our Spray Bottle 500ml with art projects and outdoor exploration. These bottles are sure to spark joy and imagination in the hearts of children and educators alike. Encouraging a love for learning and discovery that lasts a lifetime happens naturally.