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Smithsonian™ Space Shuttle Perler Beads


Three dimensional Smithsonian™ Space Shuttle from Perler and Smithsonian Crafts will provide hours of fuse bead fun. Super cool for the young and older generation!!  Kit includes 2000 beads, 2 pegboards, pattern sheet with instructions, and ironing paper. © 2018 Smithsonian.

Smithsonian™ Space Shuttle Perler Beads – Ignite Your Imagination!

3 – 2 – 1… We have lift-off! Step into the exciting world of space exploration with the Smithsonian™ Space Shuttle Perler Beads kit. It is brought to you by Perler and Smithsonian Crafts.

This unique and engaging kit promises hours of imaginative fuse bead fun for both the young and the young-at-heart. It will offer a thrilling journey into the cosmos right from your craft table.

What’s Included:

  • 2000 vibrant Perler beads
  •  2 versatile pegboards
  • Detailed pattern sheet with step-by-step instructions
  •  Ironing paper for easy assembly

Why Choose Perler Beads?

Beads are an excellent medium for crafting because they spark creativity and enhance fine motor skills. These beads allow you to transform simple patterns into eye catching 3 dimensional models. It will make every project a rewarding experience. The consistent quality ensures each bead fits perfectly, facilitating both intricate designs and straight forward projects.

This Smithsonian™ Space Shuttle kit beautifully captures the essence of space travel. It’s a standout craft that pays homage to the incredible achievements of space exploration. The inclusion of detailed pattern sheets and clear instructions ensures that even beginners can create a stunning space shuttle, while the vast array of 2000 beads allows for endless customisation and creativity.

Plus, the process of aligning and ironing the beads teaches patience and precision. These are actual crucial skills for aspiring astronauts and engineers!

Perfect for solo crafting sessions or group activities, this kit appeals to a wide age range. For OOSH it makes an ideal educational tool or a fun weekend project for families.

Not only does it offer an engaging hands on experience, but it also doubles as a fantastic display piece once completed. Serving as a proud reminder of your crafting prowess and a tribute to space exploration.

We have loads of different Perler Bead Activity Kits – there is something for all ages!

Unleash your creativity, build your very own space shuttle, and embark on an out of this world adventure with the Smithsonian™ Space Shuttle Perler Beads kit. Blast off into the universe of crafting today!

© 2018 Smithsonian.

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