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Smithsonian™ Dinosaur Small Box Kit


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Smithsonian Perler Dinosaur Kit contains all you need to create 3 dimensional Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops.   Contains 2,000 beads, pegboard, pattern sheet with instructions, and ironing paper. © 2019 Smithsonian.

Smithsonian™ Perler Dinosaur Kit – Roar into Creativity!

Calling all dinosaur enthusiasts! The Smithsonian™ Perler Dinosaur Kit offers an exciting journey into prehistoric times. This amazing kit lets you craft detailed 3 dimensional models of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops. Brought to you by Perler and Smithsonian Crafts, this kit provides endless hours of creative fun.

What’s Included:
  • 2000 Vibrant Beads:  Plenty of colors for total creativity.
  • 1 Sturdy Pegboard:   Holds beads in place while crafting.
  • Pattern Sheet with Instructions:  Guides you through every step.
  • Ironing Paper:   Helps you fuse beads safely and easily.
Advantages of Using Perler Beads:

At Home:

  • Boosts Creativity: Encourages imaginative play and artistic expression.
  • Enhances Focus: Helps in developing concentration and problem-solving skills.-
  • Fun for All Ages: Perfect for family bonding and diverse skill levels.

In OOSH After School Care Services:

  • Promotes Teamwork: Encourages children to collaborate and share ideas.
  • Hands-on Learning: Offers a tactile, engaging way to learn through play.
  • Develops Fine Motor Skills: Improves dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Each creation serves as a lasting keepsake and a testament to your crafting abilities. Imagine the pride your child will feel displaying their hand made dinosaurs!

Perfect for classrooms, after school programs, or rainy day activities, the Smithsonian™ Perler Dinosaur Kit is a hit wherever it goes.

We have loads of different Perler Bead Activity Kits – there is something for everyone !

So, dive into the world of ancient giants and unleash your inner artist. Step into the prehistoric era and bring these magnificent creatures to life!

© 2019 Smithsonian.

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