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Scratch Magnetic Photo Frames


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Fun Scratch Art Photo Frames, pack of 10, measure approx 15cm x 20cm and suits a 10 x 15cm photo

Introducing our Scratch Magnetic Photo Frames, a delightful fusion of creativity and functionality, perfect for preserving cherished memories or gifting to loved ones.

Unveil your artistic flair by delicately scratching the sleek black coating with the provided wooden tools, revealing a mesmerizing array of rainbow hues beneath. Each stroke brings forth unique patterns, ensuring every frame is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Crafted with a magnetic backing, these frames effortlessly adorn any metallic surface, whether it’s your refrigerator or a magnetic whiteboard, adding a touch of personalized charm to your space.

Measuring approximately 15cm x 20cm, our frames elegantly showcase 10 x 15cm photos, serving as a captivating backdrop for your treasured snapshots.

Each pack includes 10 frames and 10 wooden scratch tools, offering ample opportunities for creative exploration and expression.

Delve deeper into the realm of art with Scratch Shapes, designed to ignite imagination and refine artistic skills. Explore the elements of line, pattern, and shape as you experiment with varying thicknesses, directions, and combinations, creating captivating compositions that evoke movement and emphasis.

With our Scratch Shapes the possibilities are endless. These pre-cut shapes serve as the perfect canvas for your creativity, whether you’re crafting standalone decorations, embellishments for artworks, or thematic elements for seasonal projects.

Unlock a world of artistic possibilities with our Scratch Magnetic Photo Frames and Scratch Shapes, where every stroke is a step towards unlocking your creative potential.