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Scratch Boomerangs


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Scratch Boomerangs come in a pack of 30 pre-cut boomerangs and 30 scratch tools. Great for KIndergartens and Schools to celebrate Naidoc Week

Introducing our Scratch Boomerangs. Packs of 30, a creative activity set perfect for Naidoc Celebrations and cultural exploration in childcare, kindergartens, and schools. Each pre-cut card boomerang measures 29cm in size, providing ample space for artistic expression.

Scratch Boomerangs Key Features:

  • Pack includes 30 pre-cut boomerangs and 30 scratch tools
  • Boomerangs are designed for easy customization, allowing children to create their own unique designs and patterns
  • Simply scrape away the black surface coating using the provided wooden tool to reveal earthy color tones underneath
  • Suitable for all ages, fostering creativity and cultural appreciation

Kidsplay Crafts recommends collaborating with local First Nations communities to enrich teaching and learning activities. This ensures respect and authenticity in cultural expressions.
Templates and art materials serve as a starting point for meaningful lessons, promoting understanding and valuing of Aboriginal identities and cultural heritage.

Consult with the appropriate Aboriginal people when replicating any Aboriginal cultural expressions. Honouring their cultural property and traditions in extremely important.
Connect with your local First Nations community and embark on a journey of cultural exploration, enriching student understanding and appreciation of First Nations culture and history.