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School Scrapbook

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A3 Scrapbook , 64 pages. Acid free pages on 90gsm paper. Cover is quality 260gsm cardboard. Perfect for keeping children’s artwork safe and sound.

Introducing our School Scrapbook, a versatile A3 sized book with 64 pages designed for children’s creativity and artistic expression.

Made with white 90gsm acid-free paper, this scrapbook is ideal for all cutting, pasting, drawing, and crafting activities.

Best School Scrapbook Craft Ideas for Kindergartens, Schools, and Home

  • Use the scrapbook for drawing, doodling, and sketching, allowing children to unleash their creativity on each page.
  • Encourage collage making by pasting pictures, photos, and other flat objects onto the pages to create visual stories and compositions.
  • Incorporate mixed media techniques by combining different art materials such as glue sticks, paint slicks paint sticks, and oil pastels to create textured and layered artwork.
  • Create themed scrapbook pages for special occasions such as holidays, birthdays, or school events. This allows children to document and preserve memories in a fun and creative way.

Buy Scrapbook for Storage and Organisation

Use the scrapbook to store and display children’s artwork, keeping their creations safe and organised in one convenient place.
The heavy-weight 260gsm cardboard cover provides durability and protection for the pages, ensuring that the scrapbook can withstand frequent use and handling.
Our School Scrapbook is the perfect canvas for children to express themselves artistically. Whether at school, kindergarten, or home, it is a quality product. With its sturdy construction and versatile design, it inspires endless possibilities for creative exploration and storytelling.

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