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Sand Art Picture Cards


100 Sand Art Cards
Measuring 16 cm x 24.5 cm
Over 100 designs in stock!

FREE Protective sleeves to display the finished sandart work
High Quality

Sand Art Picture Cards

Sand Art picture cards provide hours of fun, just get yourself some sand and away you go!

Create your own sand art work of art with one of our specially designed laser-cut sand art cards. Simply remove the cover paper on the card to expose the sticky section. Sprinkle the sticky bits with coloured sand (sold separately) and be amazed by the masterpiece right in front of your eyes!

  • Measurements: All sand art cards measure 16cm x 24.5cm
    We have a large range of professional pictures and our card quality is the highest available. Don’t be fooled by poor quality at cheap prices.
  • Over 100 designs in stock! Ideal for Bulk sand art orders.

We’ve selected our most popular cards and give you a mix of 30 boy themed, 30 girl themed and 40 generic cards. There will be between 3-5 of each card as we know kids all want to do a card just like their friend next to them !

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