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Safety Scissors Tub


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Tub of 20 Safety Scissors, 50mm blades, scissor length 134mm. Great for childcare classrooms.

Discover the magic of our Spring-powered Safety Scissors Tub, specifically designed to make cutting a breeze for young children and those with disabilities. A remarkable tool tailor-made for our beloved kindergarten and preschool teachers!

Crafted with precision, these extraordinary scissors are ideal for both left and right-handed children, creating an inclusive experience for all. The premium steel blades ensure exceptional durability while providing enhanced accuracy for every snip.

Safety is our utmost priority. Equipped with blunt tips, our scissors guarantee worry-free cutting, ensuring little fingers remain unscathed during each creative endeavour. With 50mm blades and a perfectly balanced scissor length of 134mm, these scissors offer optimal control for effortless flexibility.

But wait, there’s more! In each set, you’ll receive a delightful jar filled with not 10, not 15, but a magnificent bundle of 20 Safety Scissors Tub. This abundance ensures that every member of your bustling classroom can embark on their artistic journeys together.

Unleash the incredible potential of your budding artists and safeguard their joyful experiences with our Spring-assisted Safety Scissors. Elevate their cutting skills, ignite their creativity, and create lasting memories with this indispensable tool.

Key Features :

  • Spring loaded Scissors
  • Tub of 30
  • 50mm blades, scissor length 134mm.