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Australias’s Favourite Poster Colours Pallet includes one pallet that contains 6 vibrant colors. Palette size is 160mm x 110mm. The individual paint discs measure 45mm in diameter and 15mm in height.


Introducing our innovative Poster Colors Paint Pallets, specially designed for classrooms, childcare centers, and kindergartens. These long-lasting paints offer convenience and ease of use, ensuring a hassle-free painting experience for young artists.

Australia’s Best Poster Colour Paint Pallet Key Features:

  • Each pallet contains 6 vibrant colors
  • Compact palette size: 160mm x 110mm
  • Individual paint discs measure 45mm in diameter and 15mm in height
  • Requires only water for activation, simplifying the painting process
  • Easy to store and transport, ideal for classroom use
  • Minimal cleanup required, reducing wastage compared to bottled or tubed paints
  • Colours are intermixable for endless creative possibilities
  • Refillable paint colors are available for continuous use
  • From primary years to adulthood, these paint pallets cater to artists of all ages, fostering creativity and imagination in educational environments.

The Basic colours pack includes white, black, brilliant yellow, brilliant red, brilliant green and ultramarine.
Warm colours including cerise, orange, white, lemon, brilliant yellow and crimson.
Our Fluro Colours Pallet includes Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Red and Orange
The Cool Colours pallet colours are ultramarine, brilliant green, sky blue, prussian blue, violet and viridian.
Earth Colours Poster Colours Pallet includes yellow ochre, burnt sienna, burnt umber, grey, black and peach.

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Zart Poster Colour Option

Basic, Fluoro, Earth, Warm, Cool