Pom Poms Assorted Warm 300’s


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This Basics pack of 300 Pom Poms come in beautiful warm colours.

This value pack includes a mix of three pom pom sizes – 12mm, 18mm and 25mm.

There are nine brilliant and bright warm colours which include pink, orange, red, yellow and purple. These warm colour pom poms are dense, fluffy and vibrant.  Each classroom pack contains 300 pom poms.

Poms Poms add a fun sensory element to collages, card making, textile and decorative work and 3D creative projects. They are fund to touch, and are suitable for sensory play.

This warm colour palette allows children to develop an understanding of matching colours with emotions and feelings.  With warm colours typically red, orange and yellow, this pack will help understand and convey happy and energetic emotions through basic art and craft projects.


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