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Pom Poms Assorted Cool 300’s


Pom Poms Assorted Cool 300’s come in a resealable box and come in 9 different colours. Three pom pom sizes – 12mm, 18mm and 25mm.

A colourful assortment of pom poms in cool colours. This class pack contains a mix of three pom pom sizes – 12mm, 18mm and 25mm.

The nine colours include:

  • Light and dark green
  • Light and dark blue
  • Turquoise.

These quality pom poms are dense, fluffy and vibrant. Packaged in a handy resealable clear storage box. Classroom value pack of 300 pieces.

Poms Poms add a fun sensory element to collages, card making, textile and decorative work and 3D creative projects. They are also suitable for play and sensory experiences.

Using this cool colour palette allows children to develop an understanding of colour theory. Cool colours are typically Blue  and Green , and usually convey soothing and calm feelings.

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