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Plastic Palette


Deep Well Paint Pallet, ideal to use with Poster Paint refills.

Introducing our versatile and practical Plastic Palette! Designed for artists and craft enthusiasts alike, this sturdy white palette will revolutionize your creative process.

Crafted with convenience in mind, it is easy to handle and clean, ensuring a seamless painting experience. Its smooth and durable surface allows for effortless mixing of colours, guaranteeing a precision that every artist desires.

With its six deep wells, this palette offers ample space to organise and contain various colours, perfect for painting and blending different shades. Whether you are an aspiring painter exploring different techniques or simply looking to sort and store your beads and crafts, our Plastic Palette is your go-to tool.

The stackable design further enhances its practicality, facilitating easy storage and ensuring you can expand your creative space without clutter.

Not limited to acrylic or oil paints, our Plastic Palette is specifically designed to accommodate Poster Colour blocks. Whether you are experimenting with this medium or regularly work with it, this palette will suit your needs perfectly.

Unleash your artistic vision and streamline your creative process with our Plastic Palette. Indispensable for painting, sorting beads, and organising your crafts, this versatile tool is a must-have for every artist’s toolbox.

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