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Paste Mix Flakes


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Paste Mix Flakes, non toxic, 500 grams, mix with water to your ideal thickness.

Introducing Paste Mix Flakes – the ultimate solution for all your glue needs in daycare, school, and kindergarten settings. These starch-based mixing paste flakes offer endless possibilities for creative and educational activities.

With just a simple addition of water and a quick stir, you can easily make your own glue to your desired consistency. This makes it perfect for children of all ages, as they can adjust the thickness of the glue based on their own preferences and project requirements.

Whether they need a thin and watery glue for delicate crafts or a thick and strong adhesive for more robust creations, they really are a go to solution.

Best Paste Flakes Australian Made

These versatile flakes can be used in a multitude of ways to enhance the learning experience in daycare, school, and kindergarten settings. Teachers can add food dye or paint to the paste mix to create vibrant and colourful glues. This will make art projects even more exciting. The possibilities for exploration and creativity are endless with a wide range of colours to choose from.

In addition to that, Paste Mix Flakes can also be added to paints to thicken the consistency. This allows children to create textured masterpieces, as well as experiment and learn about the properties of different materials. It’s a fantastic way to engage their senses and develop their fine motor skills.

With the convenience and ease of use that Paste Mix Flakes offer, cleanup becomes a breeze. Simply wash off any excess glue or paint with water, leaving no trace behind. Parents and teachers can rest easy knowing that Paste Mix Flakes are non-toxic and safe for children to use. It comes in 500 grams and are made in Australia. Upgrade your adhesive game with Paste Mix Flakes today!

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