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Naidoc Pony Beads


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Naidoc Pony Beads come in a pack of 250 grams in Yellow, Black and Red. Ideal for making bracelets, necklaces or keyrings.

Introducing our vibrant Naidoc Pony Beads, perfect for enhancing your Naidoc craft activities in Childcare, OOSH, and schools! These beads are versatile and can be incorporated into various art and craft projects, including jewellery making, beading, and weaving.

Here are some exciting ideas on how to use our Naidoc Pony Beads:

  • Create stunning bracelets by stringing the beads together using elastic, leather cord, Stretch Beading Cord, plastic Spaghetti String, or fishing line. Mix and match the black, red, and yellow beads to represent the colors of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags with extra green and blue beads.
  • Design unique necklaces that celebrate Indigenous culture. Combine the beads with other materials like wooden beads, feathers, or shells for a truly authentic look.
  • Craft beautiful keychains by threading the beads onto a sturdy string or wire. Add charms or pendants that symbolize important aspects of Naidoc Week, such as the theme artwork or Indigenous symbols.
  • Incorporate the beads into traditional Indigenous weaving techniques. Use them as embellishments on woven baskets, mats, or wall hangings, adding pops of color and texture to your creations.
  • Organize group activities where children can work together to design Naidoc-inspired accessories using the pony beads.
  • Encourage them to explore their creativity and express their understanding of Indigenous culture through their designs.

Remember to supervise young children when working with small beads, and ensure that toddlers and babies do not have access to them. Suitable for children over 4 years old only.

Bring the spirit of Naidoc Week into your arts and crafts projects with our Naidoc Pony Beads!

Kidsplay Crafts encourages establishing connections with your local First Nations community, fostering genuine relationships. This ensures that your students, staff, and the broader school community can continue to embrace and appreciate the richness of First Nations culture and history.

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