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Metallic Pencils Jumbo


Jumbo Metallic Pencils pack of 12 with a thick 5mm lead and large barrel design. Fun for a shimmering effect on artwork on both paper and cardboard.

Introducing our Jumbo Metallic Pencils Jumbo size, a vibrant addition to any creative project for kindergartens, schools, and home use. With a pack of 12 pencils, including two each of six shimmering colours. Colours include – silver, gold, copper, blue, pink, and green – the possibilities for artistic exploration are endless.

Best Craft Ideas for Kindergartens, Schools, and Home:

  • Use the metallic pencils to add dazzling accents to drawings, coloring pages, and art projects.
  • Incorporate them into holiday crafts, such as making festive cards, ornaments, or decorations
  • Explore mixed media techniques by combining the metallic pencils with paints, markers, or crayons to create unique textures and effects.
  • Encourage imaginative play by using the pencils to decorate costumes, props, or homemade craft.

Best Art Techniques for our Metallic Pencils Jumbo sized :

  • Experiment with shading and blending to create depth and dimension in artwork.
  • Try layering the metallic pencils over dark or coloured paper to enhance their shimmering effect.
  • Use them for outlining, adding detail, or adding highlights to illustrations and designs.
  • Explore various surfaces such as paper, cardboard, or wood to see how the metallic colours pop differently on each material.

With their thick 5mm lead and large barrel design, our jumbo Metallic Pencils are specially crafted for young children, providing an easy grip and comfortable drawing experience. Stored in a convenient dispensing and storage cylinder, these pencils are perfect for unleashing creativity wherever inspiration strikes.