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Masking Tape


A great quality masking tape. Dimensions: 24mm x 50m. Handy to have in the house and great to use with Perler Beads.

Discover the endless possibilities with our versatile Masking Tape, perfect for a variety of uses at home, in the classroom, and for art projects. Its 24mm x 50m dimensions make it a handy addition to any toolkit, offering both convenience and durability.

This masking tape proves invaluable in many scenarios:

  1. Perler Bead Projects: Use it for the Tape Method in your Perler Bead creations.
  2. Recycled Material Construction: Aid in the construction of models or crafts using recycled materials.
  3. Classroom Use: Perfect for labeling, organizing, and creating interactive learning tools.
  4. Artwork: Ideal for masking off areas and creating sharp paint lines.
  5. General Repairs: Great for temporary fixes and holding items together securely.

This tape tears easily and peels off non porous surfaces without leaving residue. You can adjust it as needed, ensuring precision and flexibility in every project. Whether you’re crafting, teaching, or simply making quick repairs around the house, our masking tape stands up to the task.

Equip your space with this essential tool and explore the countless ways it can make your projects easier and more efficient. With its versatile applications and user-friendly design, this masking tape is a must-have for every creative mind and problem solver.