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Laser Glitter


Laser Glitter in 50 gram tub. Can be refilled. Colours include Fluoro -pink, purple, orange, yellow, green and blue. Use with Craft Glue and Glue Sticks.

Introducing our vibrant Laser Glitter Shaker, your go to for adding dazzling sparkle to any craft project!

Each shaker comes with 50 grams of ultra fine glitter in six electrifying colors: pink, purple, orange, yellow, green, and blue.

Designed for convenience, this glitter shaker features a lid with two types of holes. The wide opening allows for pouring generous amounts, while the smaller holes let you sprinkle just the right amount.

Laser Glitter Features:

  • Six Fluoro Colours: Includes pink, purple, orange, yellow, green, and blue.
  • Ultra-Fine Glitter: Adds a brilliant sparkle to any project.
  • Dual-Hole Lid: Choose between a wide pour or a gentle shake.
  • Mess-Free Design: Easily seal the lid to prevent spills.
  • Compact and Portable: Perfect for on-the-go crafting.

Creative Uses in Childcare and Schools:

  • Art Projects: Enhance paintings, drawings, and collages with a touch of sparkle.
  • Holiday Crafts: Add glitter to holiday decorations for a festive flair.
  • Sensory Play: Incorporate into sensory bins for a glittery, tactile experience.
  • Story Time: Create glittery props for storytelling sessions.
  • Classroom Decor: Brighten up classroom displays and bulletin boards.

Hot Tips:

  1. Reuse the Laser Glitter Shaker: Once the glitter is gone, repurpose the shaker for small craft items or refill with more glitter.
  2. Easy Cleanup: Keep projects mess-free by sealing the lid tightly when not in use.

Our Laser Glitter Shaker is not just practical but also inspires creativity. Its vibrant colours and ultra fine texture make it a favourite for both kids and adults.

Perfect for schools and childcare centres, it offers endless possibilities for artistic expression. Use it to make every craft project sparkle with joy and imagination!

Note: This glitter is 99.5% PET and non-aluminum. Not suitable for use on the face or body.