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Plaster Value Pack – 200 small pieces


200 Small Plaster Pieces

Measuring from 5cm – 8 cm in size

Optional Extra: 250 mls of each colour paint – red, blue, yellow, black, and white

** Bonus 20 BRUSHES FREE when you add the optional paint to your order**

Painting plaster moulds is a really fun activity for children. And creating plaster moulds is one our specialities here at Kidsplay Crafts!

Not only do we have hundreds of different moulds to choose from, in a huge range of themes, additionally we can cater for genders or provide a generic selection that everyone will be happy with!

Each bulk pack contains 200 small plaster pieces. Small pieces range in from 5 – 8cm, this size is especially perfect for little hands to decorate.

Each piece is ready to be painted and brought to life with beautiful colours. Glitter can add a special, sparkly touch.

These amazing-value Plaster Moulds are great for:

  • Kids Parties
  • Family Day Care
  • Kids Clubs
  • Playgroups
  • Fetes and Festivals
  • Holiday Parks and Resorts

If your party or event has a special theme, please let us know right after you order so we can put together a special pack to suit.

Kidsplay Crafts are the Plaster Craft Experts!

We’ve been creating Plaster Moulds here at Kidsplay Crafts for over 19 years. Each mould is lovingly hand-made in Australia in Northern NSW.

What makes our plaster moulds so good:

  1. Australian-made from safe casting plaster which means that each piece is non-toxic and safe for little people to handle
  2. Each plaster piece is dried underneath our bright Aussie sun on eco-friendly drying racks
  3. You’ll find that our prices are the most competitive yet we offer the highest level of plaster quality. You can’t beat that!
  4. We pack your plaster pieces with the greatest care and even give you 10% extra to cover any breakages
  5. We courier to every state in Australia so you can order from any location
  6. We update our plaster moulds regularly to provide fresh, new designs that kids of all ages love
  7. You get our personal touch with every order and we can pack the right plaster to match a themed event, particular age or gender
  8. Our clients keep on coming back year after year to buy from us because they love our products
  9. Plaster painting is a fun alternative to “screen time” with the added joy of a piece of art to admire at the finish

Let’s get creating!