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Hairy Textured Poly Stones


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Hairy Textured Poly Stones, Green Polystyrene covered stones with a hairy texture , Pack of 5 , range of sizes, approx. 5-10cm , a great sensory experience. Suitable for all ages

Discover the captivating and tactile world of Hairy Textured Poly Stones. These stones are designed to stimulate the senses and nurture creativity in early learning environments such as Kindergarten, Childcare, and After School Care settings. These innovative stones feature a distinctive hairy texture as they are encased in polystyrene.  This provides children of all ages with a delightful sensory experience.

Key Features:

  • Pack of 5 textured Poly Stones in a vivid green hue
  • Variety of sizes included, ranging from approximately 5-10cm
  • Polystyrene covers each stone, creating a captivating hairy texture.
  • Offers a multifaceted sensory experience, engaging touch and visual perception

How do Hairy Textured Poly Stones Enhance Learning Environments?

    • Sensory Exploration: Encourage children to explore the varying textures of the stones through touch, fostering sensory development and tactile exploration.
    • Imagination Play: Use the stones as props in creative story telling activities, prompting play scenarios and enhancing narrative skills.
    • Fine Motor Skills: Incorporate the stones into fine motor skill activities, such as balancing and stacking, to promote hand eye coordination and dexterity.
    • Colour Recognition: Introduce colour concepts by sorting the green stones within the pack.

When educators incorporate the Hairy Textured Poly Stones into educational settings, they can provide a dynamic and engaging sensory experience. Furthermore, they can foster cognitive, motor, and creative development in young learners. These stones act as versatile tools for sensory exploration, imaginative play, motor skill development, and color recognition in a lively and interactive manner.

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