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Glitter Paint 500ml


Multi Colour
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Australian made Glitter Paint comes in 500ml PET bottles in various colours including Blue, Green, Silver, Res, Gold, Silver, Turquoise and Multi.

Let us tell you about our Glitter Paint 500mls. If you are struggling to make your kids’ art pop with brilliance look no further? Regular colours might not cut it.

Enter Educational Colours glitter paint! It’s like magic for their masterpieces, taking them to a whole new level. Made in Australia and totally safe, it’s designed to make every stroke shine. Plus, with glitter in every bottle, their art becomes mesmerizing. The best part? The colors are vivid and rich, making their creations truly captivating.

Best Australian Glitter Paint 500mls

  • Crafted in Australia: Boosting our nation’s economy with every purchase
  • Child-friendly shimmer: Our non-toxic formula lets kids get creative worry-free, while the glitter adds a touch of magic to their art
  • Spark creativity: With a rainbow of vibrant colors, this paint palette is the key to creating standout masterpieces
  • Versatile magic: Whether at school or home, this paint brings out the extraordinary in any setting
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Blue, Gold, Green, Multi Colour, Silver, Turquoise, Red