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Gel Printing Plate


Gel Print Plate with step-by-step instructions. Size: 12.7cm x 17.8cm X 1cm thick. Designed for mono-printing and image transfers. Great for preschool children to learn early print making.

Transforming your art with monoprinting is a breeze with a Gel Printing Plate! It’s a world of simple, captivating fun waiting to be explored. Effortless to clean and always ready for your next masterpiece. These amazing plates resemble gelatin. The plates are however full of durability, flexibility, reusability, and convenient room temperature storage.

For best results, gently wipe the plate with a soft, damp cloth after each print and before switching between print colours.

Gel Printing Plate for Monoprinting :

  • Dimensions: 12.7cm x 17.8cm x 1cm thick for compact yet versatile usage
  • Package comprises 1 x Gel Printing Plate along with comprehensive Step by Step instructions and creative Exploration ideas
  • Hassle-free cleaning and convenient storage facilitated by the reusable packaging
  • Keep at room temperature for optimal performance
  • Gel Print Plates are the go-to for monoprinting, crafting single, distinctive images unlike block or screen printing methods.

How To print with a Gel Print Plate

Start by applying and rolling acrylic or craft paint onto the plate using a sturdy roller. Experiment with diverse materials,. Items may include stencils, natural craft such as leaves and flowers and found objects. Also use tools to craft captivating shapes, textures, or patterns, or mask out areas of the inked surface for added intrigue.

Remember to avoid digging into the Gel Plate’s surface; instead, work with and manipulate the paint. Once the surface is inked, cover it with a sheet of paper and gently rub over to transfer the print onto the paper, revealing your unique creation.

How to Clean a Gel Printing Plate

  1. To start, clear any leftover paint from the plate by making ‘blank’ prints on scrap paper. These prints can even become part of your artwork if you like.
  2. If there’s dried paint on the plate, just roll on fresh paint and take a few more prints on scrap paper to loosen and remove it.
  3. Once most of the paint is gone, simply use a damp cloth or paper towel to gently wipe the plate clean.
  4. Store your Gel Print Plate in its packaging to keep it safe until next time.

Printmaking is an essential learning area in the Visual Arts as it provides students with a range of opportunities to develop their creative and critical thinking skills, build fine motor skills, enhance their understanding of how to use positive and negative space in a composition as well as problem solve.