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Foam Xmas Craft Stickers


Introducing our delightful Foam Xmas Stickers, the must-have craft item for every imaginative kid out there! Bursting with endless possibilities, these stickers are sure to ignite your child’s creativity. It’s easy to turn any ordinary project into a Christmas wonderland masterpiece. But hold on tight, because this description is going to take you on a magical journey like no other.

Prepare to be dazzled, as these Foam Xmas Stickers are not your average stickers – they are extraordinary! With their foamy texture and vibrant colours, their mere presence on any craft project will leave everyone astounded. From the moment your little one peels off the backing, the excitement will soar, and a world of festive joy will unfold before their eyes.

Let’s dive into the realm of imagination, where these stickers reign supreme. Picture this: a festive greeting card that leaps to life with the enchanting touch of an angel sticker. Or perhaps a collage filled with stars, gingerbread men, Santa, penguins, snowmen, wreaths, presents, and baubles, all dancing together in perfect harmony. The options are limitless, and each creation will be a treasure, overflowing with holiday cheer.

Designed to make the crafting process a breeze, these Foam Xmas Stickers come equipped with an adhesive back, ensuring a seamless application every time. No fumbling with glue or messy accidents here, only smooth sailing and pure joy. With a size range of 18-48mm, a whopping pack of 92 stickers awaits your child’s artistic endeavours, providing an abundance of creative materials that will keep them busy for hours on end. Team up with A4 card to make your own DIY cards for family and friends. Here is some great Christmas Craft Ideas for kids.

So, what are you waiting for? Stock your craft kit with these marvellously merry Foam Xmas Stickers and let your child’s imagination run wild.