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Deco Mosaic Tiles Cool Colours 150g


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Fabulously fun and colourful, Deco Mosaic Tiles are quick and easy to use – mess and fuss free!
Lightweight, economical and durable, these Deco Mosaic Tiles are made from high quality resin especially formulated for use in craft, indoor decoration and art applications. This exciting decorative media can be used to mosaic papier mâché, wood, polystyrene and other craft bases (indoor applications only). Create unique keepsakes including festive baubles, hanging trinkets, ornamental frames, coasters and scrapbook covers. The ideas are endless!
Mosaics are a wonderful way to stimulate imagination, explore pattern and colour, and develop motor skills.

This pack of Deco Mosaic Tiles includes a mix of cool colours (dark blue, light blue, green, light green and purple), in four surface finishes (opaque, frost, clear and glossy) which create glass-like effects.
NB: Tiles can also be dyed and painted if required.

Tile Size 10 x 10mm (2mm thick)
Pack of 150 grams (Approximately 560 pieces)

How to use Deco Mosaic Tiles:

So easy to use, students and artists of all ages can achieve effective and successful results in no time. Basic techniques require only double sided tape, glue or Magiclay to adhere the pieces to a base. Tiles can be cut and shaped with everyday tools such as scissors, cutters and sandpaper.

Grout Method

Step 1: Lay down double sided tape onto a surface/base.
Step 2: Plan out the pattern or image by assembling the Deco Mosaic Tiles together.
Step 3: Transfer the tiles to the taped base and stick in place. Be sure to leave a 1mm to 2mm gap between the tiles.
Step 4: Use prepared grout to fill gaps between tiles. Set aside. When grout is touch dry, use a damp sponge to wipe off excess grout. Leave to harden.

Magiclay Method

Step 1: Lay down a thin and even layer of White Magiclay onto a surface.
Step 2: Assemble the tiles together to create an image or a pattern.
Step 3: Press tiles into the bed of Magiclay leaving a 1mm-2mm gap between tiles. The Magiclay will both hold (glue) the tiles in place and will fill gaps between the tiles (grout).
Step 4: Set aside and allow Magiclay to dry.