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Colour Diffusing Leaves


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Coour Diffusing Leaves come in a pack of 80. 4 Different designs in paper that can be absorbed using liquid water colours. Each measures approx 17cm x 20cm

Introducing our Colour Diffusing Leaves, an exciting addition to creative projects at kindergartens and schools.

The set of 80 leaves includes four large, plain leaf shapes. These leaves offer endless possibilities for exploring colour, cause and effect, rainbows, and patterns.

Craft Ideas using Colour Diffusing Leaves for Kindergartens and Schools:

  • Use the colour diffusing leaves to create vibrant seasonal displays in classrooms. Explore the changing colours of leaves throughout the year.
  • Incorporate them into art projects focused on nature. This allows children to experiment with different techniques such as squirting, spraying, and splattering liquid water colours to create dramatic effects.
  • Explore themes of environmental awareness and sustainability. Great starting point to discuss the importance of trees and leaves in our ecosystem.
  • Use the leaves to help explain how their colours change with the seasons.

When Exploring an Environment Topic in Kindergarten

  • Use the colour diffusing leaves to facilitate discussions about the environment, focusing on topics such as trees, leaves, and the changing seasons.
  • Conduct hands-on experiments with the leaves to demonstrate how colours blend and can change. Do this by exposing them to water and other liquids. This helps children understand concepts of absorption and diffusion.
  • Create collaborative art projects where children work together to decorate the leaves, reinforcing teamwork and creativity while learning about the natural world.


Made from diffusing paper, these leaves measure approximately 17 x 20cm, providing ample space for artistic exploration and experimentation.

Whether creating seasonal leaves for classroom environments or exploring the wonders of nature, our colour diffusing leaves are sure to inspire creativity and learning in children of all ages.