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Classroom Borders Indigenous Designs


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Classroom Borders Indigenous Designs Collection, a vibrant set of 12 borders. Use as decoration during Naidoc Week Activities or us all year round. Have children gain inspiration from the artists work and study the artist lightly in an easy to understand way

Introducing our Classroom Borders Indigenous Designs Collection, a vibrant set of 12 borders designed to transform classrooms and captivate students’ attention.

Crafted by the talented Russell Yilamara Brown, whose roots trace back to the Garawa and Mara tribes of South-East Arnhem Land and Groote Eylandt. These Classroom Borders are more than just decorations. They’re a celebration of identity, ancestral heritage, and a deep connection to country.

Unveil a world of creativity with two distinct and lively designs—

  • Tribal Country
  • Songlines to Country.

Each pack includes six borders of each design, adding a burst of colour and cultural richness to your educational space. Measuring at a perfect 8 x 90cm and made from high-quality 250gsm durable material.

What Can Classroom Borders Indigenous Designs be used for ?

  • Bordering pin and notice boards, whiteboards, windows, or doors, these borders effortlessly infuse life into your surroundings.
  • Elevating the ambiance of your classroom
  • Create cohesive displays throughout the entire school, fostering an environment that sparks curiosity and engagement.

Russell Yilamara Brown’s artistic touch brings forth a unique blend of Indigenous heritage and contemporary design, making these Classroom Borders Indigenous Designs great for all ages. Embrace the stories embedded in each brushstroke and let the vibrant colours stimulate meaningful conversations about identity and connection to country.

Enhance the learning experience with Classroom Borders Indigenous Designs—a versatile and visually compelling addition to any educational setting.

Artist Biography – Russell Yilamara Brown Classroom Borders Indigenous Designs

Born in Hornsby, New South Wales, in 1983, Russell Yilamara Brown’s roots extend deep into the Indigenous heritage. He was part of the Garawa and Mara tribes from South-East Arnhem Land and Groote Eylandt. The narrative of his family’s displacement from their Country to the Emerald River Mission on Groote Eylandt during World War II, His grandmother hailed from here and it sets the backdrop for his unique journey.

Amidst the urban landscape of Sydney, Russell spent his formative years, distanced from the ancestral lands that echoed in his heritage. However, a pivotal turning point occurred in his early 30s. This made him make a profound choice to return to his grandmother’s Country. This allowed him to seek a reconnection with the land and culture that had shaped his identity.

Yilamara, a name bestowed upon him by his Elders, holds significance as a native orchid. The plant’s stem, once employed for painting, and its sap, a binding agent for natural ochres, embody the rich traditions Russell now carries forward in his artistic endeavours.

His foray into artistic exploration began in his mid-twenties. This evolved into a journey where he honed his traditional skills while concurrently crafting a contemporary representation of his heritage.

What does Artist Russell Yilamara Brown  do?

He is not confined to a single artistic realm. A proficient painter and sculptor, he boldly ventures into uncharted territories, delving into digital artwork and other mediums. Beyond his artistic pursuits, he emerges as a passionate advocate for the self-determination of Aboriginal peoples. It echoes the resilience and strength embedded in his heritage.

Through his multifaceted talents and unwavering advocacy, Russell emerges as a dynamic force, seamlessly bridging the traditional and the contemporary in his artistic and cultural contributions.

This artistic creation delves into the essence of our ancestral roots, intricately woven with the fabric of our existence. Beyond a mere geographical entity, Country embodies the sustenance of life, a profound connection that extends to the very core of our being. It is a source of physical support, emotional solace, spiritual resonance, and cultural enrichment.

Within the vast tapestry of Country, every element plays a role—the rivers, mountains, waterholes, plains, beaches, desert, and sky.

What is Country and what does it mean?

  • Paint our stories
  • Where creation unfolds
  • Songs resonate
  • Dances come to life,
  • Celebrations echo,
  • Commemorations find their place.

For countless millennia, the stewardship of this sacred land has rested in the hands of First Nations peoples, a responsibility that transcends time and calls for a collective commitment.

Country is the Very heartbeat of our Culture

Acknowledging and reconciling together, we pave the way for a shared legacy that spans generations.

Country is not merely a backdrop. It is the very heartbeat of our culture and identity. It is our nurturing Mother, the cradle of our belonging. As custodians of this sacred connection, we stand united in the duty to preserve it. This ensures that the torch of our heritage is passed with to the hands of our future kin.

Within this artwork, intricate lines map out journeys, highlight meeting places, and weave patterns. These mirror the Songlines binding us in a collective tapestry, connecting not only us but also linking us to the very essence of Country. These visual narratives our Dreaming, our Lore, our language, and the profound reservoir of stories and knowledge that define us.

Spiritual and cultural bonds with Country run deep, threading through the very fabric of our being and identity. More than a mere geographical entity, Country is a vital force, an indispensable source of sustenance for our physical and emotional health and wellbeing. It is not just a location; it is a sense of belonging that resonates within us.

Naidoc Day and Country

In the sacred embrace of Country, Naidoc Day helps to provide education. It helps take us through tales and melodies, passed down through generations by our revered Elders and ancestors. Here, amidst the living narrative of story and song, we discover not only our roots but also the wisdom that shapes our journey through life.

This artwork becomes a visual testament to the profound connection we share with Country. A connection is there that transcends and is inviting us to recognise, honor, and celebrate the rich mosaic of our cultural heritage.

It is not just where we are; it is the essence of how we become. It is educating our souls through the harmonies of our collective stories and the timeless wisdom whispered through the ages.

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