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Christmas Ribbon Bows


2 assorted colours in red and green, adhesive backed, measures approximately 4cm H x 4cm W.

Elevate your holiday crafting with our Christmas Ribbon Bows, the ideal finishing touch to bring that festive magic to your projects. Crafted with care, these adorable adhesives are designed to effortlessly enhance your creations.

With a straightforward peel-and-stick feature on the reverse side, you can seamlessly incorporate these charming stickers into your holiday projects. Ideal for handmade cards, invitations and decorations. Also fun to customise presents, gift bags, and tags. These versatile embellishments will add an extra layer of charm and sophistication.

Available in classic Christmas colors of Red and Green, each bow measures approximately 4cm x 4cm, and you’ll receive a pack of 50. So, you can let your creativity flow as you peel, stick, design, and decorate your way to festive perfection.

We have loads of crafts for Christmas, let your imagine flow and create fun home made crafts. If you love wrapping presents like we do, we have found some great wrapping ideas.

Make these Christmas Ribbon Bows an essential addition to your craft kit this holiday season, and effortlessly transform your creations into works of art. Elevate your holiday crafting today!

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