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Christmas Ribbon


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Christmas Ribbon in red, green and white colours, short lengths, total of 30 grams. Great for Christmas collage including cards and bauble decorations.

Introducing our versatile Christmas Ribbon, your ultimate companion for all your festive craft endeavours. This all-purpose ribbon laden with the classic and timeless Green, Red and white Christmas hues is a must-have for any creative project. With a generous weight of 30 grams, this ribbon provides an abundance of decorative possibilities. Ranging from embellishing photo frames and cards to adorning an array of other Christmas crafts.

Crafting enthusiasts and DIY lovers alike will revel in the endless opportunities this Christmas Ribbon brings to life. Transform your mundane holiday decorations into extraordinary masterpieces with a touch of this vibrant ribbon. Its impeccable colour pairing makes it an ideal choice for capturing the true essence of Christmas. Will sire sure add a dash of traditional charm to all your crafty ventures.

Designed to cater to your diverse crafting needs. Christmas Ribbon effortlessly glides through your artistic hands, allowing you to effortlessly create bows, swirls, and intricate designs.

Enhance the beauty of your treasured photo frames by collaging this ribbon around the borders. Embrace your inner wordsmith and fashion personalised cards adorned with this ribbon medley, ensuring your heartfelt messages are visually accompanied by its striking colours.

Team the Christmas Ribbon up with Christmas Threading Cards and A4 Cardboard to make your own cards that your family and friends will appreciate.