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Charcoal Sticks


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  • Pack of 25 charcoal sticks 
  • Size 4 – 5mm thickness x 135mm length. 

Introducing our revolutionary Charcoal Sticks, a game-changer in the world of art supplies! These natural wonders are not only perfect for artists, but also have immense potential in the classroom and preschool room.

Measuring at a size of 4-5mm, our Charcoal Sticks are just the right thickness to provide artists of all levels with a smooth and seamless experience. With their soft-medium grade, these sticks offer unparalleled coverage, allowing you to effortlessly create stunning masterpieces. Say goodbye to coarse lines and hello to velvety greys!

But what sets our Charcoal Sticks apart is their versatility in the educational setting. Not just limited to professional art studios; they are a must-have tool in every classroom and preschool room! Whether you’re teaching math, science, or social studies, these charcoal sticks can enhance the learning experience in countless ways.

For starters, they are excellent for line work, allowing students to hone their fine motor skills while doodling or writing. With just a simple stroke, they can effortlessly create intricate details and produce breath taking results. And let’s not forget their remarkable shading capabilities! From deep black to the most delicate pale greys, these sticks bring your creations to life, adding depth and dimension to any artwork. Pick up some White Cardboard and start experimenting today.

But the benefits don’t stop there! Imagine bringing history to life by using these charcoal sticks to recreate ancient cave paintings. Picture the excitement on your students’ faces as they get a taste of what it was like to be an artist thousands of years ago. Encourage students to experiment with different techniques. Guide them to achieve amazing results and fostering their creativity.

As a natural product, each stick may vary slightly in thickness, adding to the charm and organic feel of the medium. This only serves to ignite curiosity and encourage exploration, teaching your students about the beauty of imperfection and the uniqueness of the natural world.

Includes :

With our pack of 25 charcoal sticks, you’ll never run out of inspiration or materials. Each stick measures 135mm in length, providing you with ample opportunities to create, experiment, and explore.

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