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Cars Foam Stickers


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Cars Foam Stickers, Assorted shapes and colours, Adhesive backed, Pack of 102

Introducing our Cars Foam Stickers! These easy stickers are perfect for crafting fun and educational projects at kindergartens, schools, and home settings. With a pack of 102 assorted shapes and colours, including buses, trucks, and cars, the creative possibilities are endless.

Best Craft Ideas for Cars Foam Stickers at Kindergartens, Schools, and Home

  • Use the foam stickers to decorate greeting cards, posters, and artwork, adding a touch of transportation themed fun to any project.
  • Create learning activities by incorporating the stickers into storytelling or sorting games. This helps children develop fine motor skills and cognitive abilities.
  • Explore mixed media techniques by combining the Cars Foam Stickers with paints, markers, or other craft materials to create textured and layered artwork.
  • Organise themed craft sessions or transport themed days at your childcare centre. This encourages children to engage in hands on activities centered around different modes of transportation.

Use stickers for Father’s Day or Special Male Role Model Celebrations

  • Personalise gifts or cards for Father’s Day by incorporating the Cars Foam Stickers into handmade crafts such as photo frames, bookmarks, or keychains.
  • Create themed artwork or decorations featuring cars and trucks. Can be used as a special tribute to fathers or male role models who love vehicles or transportation themed hobbies.
  • Use the stickers to decorate Father’s Day cards, adding a playful and heartfelt touch to your messages of appreciation.

With their adhesive backing, the foam stickers are easy to use and adhere securely to various surfaces. This makes them a convenient and messy free addition to any craft project or themed celebration.

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