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Bark Pieces


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Bark pieces, supplied in 250 gram pack. Sizes from: 1- 5cm wide and 5 -20cm long. Great for Outdoor learning areas.

Transform your learning spaces with our 250 gram pack of natural Bark Pieces. Each piece varies in size, ranging from 1-5 cm wide and 5-20 cm long. These bark pieces offer many possibilities for creativity and sensory play.

Enhance your craft projects by adding texture and natural elements. Use bark pieces to design beautiful, earthy collages or incorporate them into your Naidoc crafts. Create authentic and engaging environments in your childcare centre.

Perfect for Various Craft Projects:

  • Add texture to collages
  • Use in Naidoc crafts for a natural touch
  • Create unique sculptures and models
  • Design rustic decorations and ornaments


Ideal for Sensory Play:

  • Create a sensory bin with different textures
  • Encourage tactile exploration and sensory development
  • Use as a base for small world play setups


Engaging Learning Activities:

  • Teach children about natural materials and their origins
  • Create storytelling props with bark pieces
  • Use in nature-inspired art lessons

These bark pieces are versatile and easy to use. Simply glue, paint, or arrange them as desired. They are perfect for both individual and group activities. Children will enjoy the tactile experience and learn to appreciate the beauty of natural materials.

Incorporate into your childcare activities to promote creativity, sensory exploration, and learning. Whether for art projects, sensory bins, or educational displays, these bark pieces are a fantastic addition to any classroom or home craft collection. Order your 250 gram pack today and inspire natural creativity in your children!

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