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Autumn Pom Poms


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Autumn Pom Poms come in a pack of 30, measuring 25mm each. Colours include Brown, Orange, Red, Green, and Light Brown.

Introducing our Autumn Pom Poms, a delightful pack of 30 fluffy spheres measuring 25mm in diameter.

Colours include a mix of  :

  • Brown
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Green
  • Light Brown

These pom poms are a must-have for any creative endeavor, especially in Childcare, Schools, and After School Care settings. Their rich colors also make them perfect for Naidoc Crafts, adding depth and warmth to your projects.

Crafted with quality yarn, these pom poms offer a soft texture and vibrant color that instantly elevates any DIY project. Whether you’re embellishing decorations, designing accessories, or adding flair to artwork, the possibilities are endless with these fun Pom Poms.

Versatile and easy to use, simply glue or sew them onto various surfaces like paper, fabric, or wood to instantly infuse your creations with charm and personality. Perfect for children’s crafting activities, these pom poms inspire creativity and imaginative play, making them an essential addition to any craft supply collection.

Engage young minds in sorting activities with Autumn Pom Poms, fostering cognitive development as children categorise by colour. Transform childcare sessions into lively games, encouraging teamwork and coordination as little ones sort these vibrant pom poms by their rich autumn hues of Brown, Orange, Red, Green, and Light Brown.

Elevate your crafting experience with our Autumn Pom Poms and let your creativity blossom! Get your pack now and explore the endless possibilities of colourful crafting.