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Australian Animal Paper Shapes


Australian Animal Paper Shapes, bright colours crafted from stunning Indian handmade paper. Pack of 100g assortment. Animals include, Kangaroo, Koala, Great White Shark, Echidna, Emu, Angelfish, Cockatoo, Turtle and Wombat

Unveil the enchantment of our Australian Animal Paper Shapes, meticulously crafted from luxurious Indian handmade paper. Delight in this 100g assortment featuring a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns. Each shape is pre-cut to perfection for your creative endeavours.

Australian Animal Paper Shapes Key Features:

  • Diverse range of animal shapes, including Kangaroo, Koala, Great White Shark, Echidna, Emu, Angelfish, Cockatoo, Turtle, Wombat
  • Shapes ranging from 3cm to 9.5cm in width and height.
  • Crafted from  embossed, foiled, and printed Indian handmade papers, each piece boasts its own unique charm.
  • With an eco conscious and innovative approach, we craft our shapes from recycled cotton rags, ensuring a sustainable touch to your artistic pursuits.
  • Versatile and fun for all ages, these shapes are perfect for collage, scrapbooking, card making, and beyond.
  • Whether glueing on stationery, invitations, or handmade gifts, these shapes add a vibrant splash of colour to any project.
  • Please note: Colours may vary, adding an element of surprise to your crafting experience.

How is our handmade paper made?

Step into the timeless world of Indian paper making, where tradition meets innovation. Handmade papers, crafted from recycled cotton rags, undergo a meticulous process of transformation.

Initially, the process begins by chopping and beating cotton rags to transform them into pulp, creating a dilute suspension of cellulose fibers mixed with water. Next the fibres are put into a sieve in the “pulp lifting” process. The magic then unfolds – we add embellishments like flower petals, straw, or jute fibers, infusing each sheet with unique character.

After draining excess water, they press the sheets together, stack them, and leave them to sun-dry, resulting in sturdy paper ready for the next stage. Through techniques like multicolour silk screen printing, deep embossing, and hot stamp foiling, each sheet becomes a canvas for intricate designs and textures, ensuring every creation is a masterpiece in its own right.