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Australian Animal Counters


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6 different animals in 4 colours. Comes in a PET storage jar of 48.

Introducing our vibrant Australian Animal Counters, a versatile tool that combines education and entertainment seamlessly. These captivatingly colourful plastic figures are designed to foster learning through pairing, matching, and grouping activities. Perfect for both educators and therapists, this set provides countless hours of fun, but also nurtures important developmental skills.

With these engaging counters, children will delve into a world of learning as they enhance their sorting abilities. Also they will cultivate colour recognition, and sharpen hand-eye coordination skills. The vivid shades and charming animal designs effortlessly capture their attention, making every task enjoyable and captivating.

But the benefits don’t stop there – these counters have therapeutic uses that extend beyond traditional learning. They provide an excellent means for children to develop and reinforce essential skills, such as colour recognition and Australian Animal identification. As children sort and pair these adorable creatures  they will  explore the beauty of the animal kingdom. Also they will fine-tune their cognitive abilities.

Moreover, our Australian Animal Counters serve as a catalyst for creativity and language development. Through the craft of storytelling, educators and therapists can encourage children to explain the rationale behind their groupings and sorting choices. This narrative approach helps them think critically, enhances their communication skills, and cultivates logical thinking processes. We also have Sealife Counters that are also a super dun resource to have.

Whether you’re a teacher seeking an engaging, hands-on educational tool or a therapist advocating for the development of vital cognitive and linguistic skills, our Australian Animal Counters are the perfect solution.

Counters can be used in Speech Therapy and we’ve found a great blog on it.