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A4 Watercolour Paper


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A4 Watercolour Paper by Canson. Comes in a pack of 25, Use with Watercolour pencils, watercolour paints, pastels, pen and ink

Introducing A4 Watercolour Paper by Aquarelle Canson. It is crafted with excellence using traditional papermaking techniques on a cylinder-mould machine. This paper boasts a luxurious texture, thanks to its 60% cotton content and carefully selected materials. This ensures the best quality for your art work.

Best A4 Watercolour Paper Australia Key Features :

  • Acid-free composition
  • No optical brighteners, and alkaline buffering
  • Designed for long-term preservation, ensuring your creations stand the test of time.
  • Warm white colour and sensual texture add depth and perspective to your watercolor art

Watercolour Paper provides a bright and uniform rendering of watercolors and also enables easy corrections, whether the paper is wet or dry. Plus, its alkaline-buffered nature ensures excellent longevity, maintaining the integrity of your art works for years to come.

The natural white colour of this paper provides a perfect canvas. Awesome to play with contrasts and perspectives, bringing light and uniformity to your watercolour creations.

It’s also versatile enough to accommodate various techniques, including pencil, watercolor pencils, pastel, pen, and ink. Beginners can experiment with different materials to achieve unique results, such as combining watercolor with pastel or pencil for added interest.

For best results, try using the paper at a gentle angle. This will help to control the flow of wet colour, that allows for precise and controlled painting.

Elevate your watercolor artworks with A4 Watercolour Paper by Aquarelle Canson®, the perfect choice for artists of all levels seeking excellence and versatility in their creations.

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