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Plaster Painting

  • lolly bag ideas plaster fun activity packlolly bag ideas plaster fun activity pack

    Plaster Fun Activity Pack

    6-7 pieces of plaster

    Yellow, red and blue paint, paint brush and colour mixing chart.

    All packaged neatly in a box

    We make to order and are happy to do girl, boy, mixed or generic boxes.

    Healthy alternative to Lolly Bags!

  • kids plaster mouldskids plaster moulds

    Plaster Mega Pack – 100 large pieces

    100 large plaster pieces with complimentary hangers.


    30 girl themed pieces

    30 boy themed pieces

    40 generic themed pieces.

    All pieces individually bubble wrapped for safe travel and storage

    Extra 10% FREE to cover any breakages that may occur!