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Kidsplay Crafts for PARENTS

Attention: Parents and Carers
Kidsplay Crafts can be a little messy but it is also fun, entertaining, joyful and a learning experience!

Set them up at a table indoors or outdoors if it’s a nice day and take a few moments to yourself to breathe. Watch their masterpieces come to life as they paint, glitter, sprinkle and craft.

We highly encourage getting on the same level as your little people sometimes too and connecting with them.  Parent and child crafting time benefits your kids in so many ways.  Share this fun activity together.

Some great products for parents:

  • Kids Activity Packs are a range of single packs or bulk packs – do it on their own or bulk packs are great to share with friends. Scratch art, sand art, plaster painting, collage, necklace making, pom-pom and dreamcatcher craft.. check it out!
  • The bulk packs are perfect for playgroups and getting together with other mums for morning tea, just set up an area for the kids and away they go, everything you need is included.
  • Our Birthday Party Supplies are an amazing addition to a birthday celebration. Do it at home or set up a craft table in the park, your craft activity will be a talking point for all the kids and they will love being able to take home their beautiful creation.

Most parents think of craft as a ‘fun’ activity for the kids. Well not only is crafting fun, it is also educational and has impressive benefits for your child’s development.  Some of the advantages of kids being creative include improving their visual processing skills, fine motor skills, attention span as well as helping with their social and emotional development.

Top Tip: for the easiest cleanup, use a disposable tablecloth!