Kidsplay Crafts are proud to announce that they are stocking Wikki Stix educational products both online and in our Gold Coast – Tweed Heads Store.    

So what are Wikki Stix? Well Wikki Stix are made in the USA, and are pieces of synthetic yarn covered with a waxy, slightly tacky coating that allows them to be bent, shaped, and stuck together easily by hand.  You can make bright 2 dimensional artworks, amazing 3 dimensional figures or simply use them in a classroom environment to teach letters, numbers, words and more.   

They are unbreakable but can easily be cut with scissors.  Wikki Stix will also stick to most smooth surfaces including cardboard, wood, plastic, desks, glass and more. 

Wikki Stix can be easily lifted, re-positioned and stuck again. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to use them hence they’re popular with kids, mums and dads and especially teachers and educators.

Wikki Stix are made to strict US safety regulations. The wax coating is food grade and they are completely non-toxic and lead free.

Wikki Stix can be used for childrens play, craft activities, and in the classroom.  Because of their ease of use and adaptability, they are also used by many occupational therapists to assist with fine motor skills.  They are also used often for special needs educators with students with autism or low vision. 

Wikki Stix are perfect for Kinesthetic learning, where students engage in hands-on activities rather than relying just on listening and viewing.  Many children are tactile learners and benefit from hands-on involvement to become more engaged in learning activities.

Here are 5 simple educational uses of Wikki Stix:

  • Letter and Number Formation:  Use Wikki Stix to form letters and numbers. Have the students move their fingers over the letters to “feel” the shape. Blindfold and turn it into a guessing games for extra fun!
  • Hand Writing: Use Wikki Stix to make borders when handwriting, to keep letters on the line, as well as to indicate where to start and stop on the paper.  You can also wrap Wikki Stix around a pencil to aid in pencil grip correction to show a student where to hold a pencil. 
  • For the Sight-Impaired:  Use Wikki Stix as a tactile activity of touching the outlines shapes of letters, numbers and shapes.  A great way for children to learn shapes in a creative way. 
  • For Fine Motor Skills:  Wikki Stix can help with the development of fine motor skills, through use of hands and fingers and also developing a sense of touch through pressing and connecting pieces.
  • Literacy Activities:  Use Wikki Stix to underline or circle parts of a word or a sentence.  Show the division of words into syllables, using different coloured Wikki Stix to code words.  Alternatively select a colour to underline parts of speech.  Eg green for adjectives; red for verbs; green for nouns, etc.

Kidsplay Crafts stock a range of the Wikki Stix products suitable for both educators and childrens play activities.    To check our prices, products and for more information, click our link below: