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Sensory Sands new in stock includes the amazing Cotton Sand is one of our newest editions to our sensory resource range. This sand is like no sand you have felt before. It is a super soft cotton like product that is designed to engaged children in learning through their senses. Cotton Sand can be pulled, stretched and scrunched into different shapes. This helps to prompt children to think critically as they experiment with trial and error.

Cotton Sand can be a great calming activity for children that become overstimulated easily. Sensory play is a great way for children to engage in learning whilst reducing the focus on excess noise and movement happening around them.

This amazing new sand is great for children that love to create. Magic sand can be moulded into any shape of any size promoting hand eye coordination and strengthening fine motor skills.  . Our Magic Sand Moulds allow children to apply a wide variety of thinking strategies , to design and create shapes and buildings . This sand when tightly packed into the moulds becomes quite stiff. Therefore achievable for children to move the shapes around or stack the shapes on top of one another. Magic sand is a great way for children to use play to investigate and explore ideas.

Occupational Therapists often use Sensory Sand in their sessions. Click here to read more.