Plaster Mega Pack – 100 large pieces


100 large plaster pieces with complimentary hangers.


30 girl themed pieces

30 boy themed pieces

40 generic themed pieces.

All pieces individually bubble wrapped for safe travel and storage

Extra 10% FREE to cover any breakages that may occur!



The kids plaster moulds Mega Pack includes 100 large plaster painting pieces.

  • Kidsplay plaster pieces are handmade in Australia (by us!)
  • Our large pieces includes hooks for hanging your plaster art
  • Each kids plaster mould is carefully hand wrapped in bubble wrap
  • This value for money pack includes a mixture of our most popular plaster pieces – 30 boy themed pieces, 30 girl themed pieces and 40 generic pieces
  • We include an extra 10% for free to cover any breakages that may occur. After 10 years in the business we know this is more than enough!
  • The Mega Pack is perfect for running your own event, fete, kids club or school activity!


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