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5 Fun birthday party activities for kids aged 5-10 years old. Remember back before the days of the indoor play centre or trampolining parties, even before McDonalds parties came along… Kids birthday parties were all about fun games, a few plates of party food and daggy cardboard hats!

cupcakes with sprinkles for kids parties

Cupcakes were always the favourite at our kids’ parties.

Parties these days have come a long way but that doesn’t mean booking a venue is always the way to go. Get back to basics with our tried-and-tested kids party games for the 5-10 year olds that they’ll be sure to love – here’s our top 5 fun birthday party activities!

Don’t wake the Scary Dude

fun birthday party activities for kids scary dude

Check out this scary little dude!

One person is a Scary Dude and stands with their backs to everyone else. There needs to be a space between the Scary Dude and everyone else – between 10 and 20 metres. Everyone has to sneak closer to The Scary Dude when his or her head is turned. When the dude turns around, anyone who the Scary Dude sees still moving has to go back to the start.  The person who catches up to the Dude and taps him/her on the shoulder first is the winner. They then become the Scary Dude and the game begins again.

Duck Duck Goose

duck duck goose kids party game

All your little party ducklings will love duck-duck-goose

Get all the children to sit in a circle, except one. The child left out walks around the outside of the circle, tapping on the head of each child as they pass them, and with each tap, calling out the name of an animal “duck”. Then after a little while, and without warning, they change the name of the animal to “goose” and start running round the circle to get back around to the vacated spot.  The ‘goose’ child has to get up as quickly as possible and try and catch the other child. If the first child can get back round the circle before being caught, they sit down, and the other child does the walking around (saying a different pair of animals). If not, the same child has to go again.  Animal names can be changed e.g. “Cat” & “Dog”, “Cow” and “Sheep”.

Find the Frog

Caution – this one is messy, but loads of fun and a best for the end of the party
Make individual bowls of jelly with a red frog in the bottom.  Each child puts their hands behind their backs, and must retrieve the frog from the jelly using their mouth only. The frog must be placed on the table. The first one to produce their frog is the winner.


This is great when the children need to settle down.  Each child must pick a position they must hold for the duration of the game. This can be sitting, standing, crossed legs, hands on hips, whatever they choose – the rule is they must not move a muscle, not even a sneaky smile is allowed!  The person that is “in” walks around and tries to disturb each ‘statue’ by talking, making jokes, staring at them, anything does not involve actually touching them.  Anyone who moves is out.

M and M’s Game

fun birthday party activities m and m game

Good luck not eating a big handful of these while preparing the party

Players place a straw in their mouth and use suction to transfer a pile of 20 M&M’s from one plate to another in under one minute. Only one hand may be used to hold the straw. Everyone gets to eat their candy when the round is finished!  This game also works well with 2 or 3 players competing in each round. Remember to choose M&M’s that are bigger than the end of the straw otherwise they’ll be sucked up the straw and you definitely don’t want that to happen! No Mini-M&M’s for this game!

fun birthday party activities – Crafting Activities

Sand Art and Plaster Party for 10 Sml

Sand Art and Plaster Party for 10 – lots to keep 5-10 year olds entertained

Plaster Parties & Sand Art Parties are also much loved by this age group. A kids-height trestle table works best, cover with a disposable tablecloth and set up a crafting station for each child. You can read about some of the benefits of craft parties in one of our previous blog posts. Having 2-3 craft pieces for each child works best and will have little ones quiet and creating for around an hour.

We hope you like our ideas for fun birthday party activities for 5-10 year olds. Parties are  certainly alot of fun at this age and don’t need to be expensive to impress. Be sure to let us know if you use any of our old-school party ideas at your child’s next party and we hope your kids love them as much as ours.

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