Dreading organising your child’s next birthday party!?!  Well, craft activities are a healthy and much needed distraction from junk food, lollies and soft drinks that could be a life saviour on the day!

We’ve been doing kids parties for over 10 years, and our experience is that craft activities provide the following fun benefits at your kid’s birthday party:

  1. They spark kids creativity
  2. Kids concentration increases
  3. Hands are kept busy (less World Series Wrestling stunts!)
  4. Minds are kept busy (less kids yelling at mum!)
  5. Everyone can do the activity at once (avoids that dreaded scenario where energetic kids are impatiently waiting in line for “MY TURN!!!”)
  6. Less emphasis on junk food
  7. You don’t have to be sporty or cool to do kids crafts
  8. Mums and Dads can do it too (we get heaps of funny photos from Mums and Dads who love Sand Art and plaster painting!!!)

In addition to supplying our birthday party activity packs, Kidsplay Crafts can also provide smaller sand art and plaster painting packs that are perfect alternatives to giving away lolly bags.  Mums always appreciate this is a fabulous way to avoid sugar overload (we’ve all collected “hyped up”, “sugar fuelled” kids who come home from a party only to continue the sugar overdose at home!)

When planning a kid’s birthday party activity though, the most common request we get from a parent though is something like:

“My son is obsessed by dinosaurs, can you supply dinosaur plaster pieces?”

Well the answer is “Yes”!  At Kidsplay Crafts, we can tailor our birthday party activity packs to suit your specific needs (at no cost!).  Some common themes include:

–          Princesses plaster craft and Princess sand art

–          Fairy plaster painting pieces and fairy themed sand art

–          Dinosaur plaster painting pieces and dinosaur sand art

–          Space themed craft activities

–          Cats, dogs, horses and other animal plaster pieces

With 60 – 70 different sand art cards and literally 100’s of plaster moulds in stock we should be able to find something perfect for your child’s next birthday party.