These are unprecedented times. But let’s focus on the positives and ways we can spend a little bit of extra quality time with our kids at home. We’ve put together 14 craft ideas for 14 days. Great boredom busters and a way to break up the screen time.

1. Perler Beads

2. Plaster Painting

kids craft party
Sand Art and Plaster Party for 15 children

3. Shrinkies Pre Printed Pack

4. Sand Art

Sand Art for Kids
Sand Art is an easy craft activity for kids

5. Make your own Pom Pom and Dream Catchers

6. Tie Dye

7. Flower Press Birthday Cards

8. Make your own Hand People

9. Scratch Art

10. Bracelet Making

11. Driveway Chalk Fun

12. Paddle Pop Building

13. Wikki Stick 3D building

14. Design your Own Shrinkie

Additional resources needed to complete above crafts
Your own White Clothing for Tie Dye
Key Rings
Cord / String