We’ve been making plaster pieces for over 10 years now.  Here’s a few reasons why we think our Plaster Pieces are Australia’s best plaster painting pieces:

  1.  They’re HAND MADE with love by us here in Cabarita Beach Northern NSW (just north of Byron Bay and South of the Gold Coast).  Yes, they are AUSTRALIAN MADE, not imported!
  2. They’re made from safe Australian made casting plaster.
  3. They’re sold at Australia’s best prices for plaster pieces.  We believe were the cheapest in Australia – compare and you’ll agree.
  4. We run our own plaster painting sessions and we know what the kids like to paint.  We’ll supply you our most popular pieces and on special request we can pack something to suit your needs (eg for themed events or special ages).
  5. We’re always updating our pieces to add something new to our all time favourites.
  6. After School Care centres, childcare centres, kids clubs schools, caravan parks, holiday parks, resorts and mums and dads love our products and keep on coming back.
  7. We’ve been sending plaster to every state of Australia since 2005.  We courier everywhere, and we know how to pack your pieces safely and even pack extras to cover any breakages at no extra cost.
  8. Our pieces are sun dried on eco friendly drying racks under the North Coast sun!
  9. We put hanging hooks on nearly all of our pieces for no extra cost.
  10. Kids love them! Its keeps them busy, keeps them creative and is a great alternative to “screen time”!